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Kevin, Good morning my friend. Please bear with me as I explain to you my experience this morning. I scheduled two servicecalls; one with your company and one with a plumber who will remain nameless.

I called the plumber a few days ago to schedule my appointment. During business hours the phone went to voicemail (strike 1). Someone called me back in about 40 minutes and we agreed on 7:30 this morning (Thursday). The gentleman shows up at 8:20, no apology (strike 2). He was in dirty camo shorts and a wrinkled, black polo. Walks in the house, says he knows the layout and heads toward the first bathroom with his paperwork in hand. I had to stop him and ask that he take his shoes off (his boots looked like he may have done work on a septic tank the day before). He goes from bathroom to bathroom and recalibrates the water levels to fix the problem. Wraps up and asks me to sign a few papers to show that he came out and fixed what he needed to fix. I never even got his name. This was a warranty call. He was fixing work that his company did not get right the first time...he was late, sloppy, unapologetic and rude (strike 3).

I scheduled an appointment on the A-Active website and in about 15-20 minutes Andrea called me to schedule an appointment. She was very nice and polite on the phone. When she called back the day before my appointment to confirm, she went a step further and gave a specific time, 9:00am. My door bell rang at 8:59am, Jon introduced himself with a smile and a handshake. He had on slacks and a pressed company shirt. Before he crested the doorway his little blue booties were over his shoes. We talked for a few minutes about what I needed and he made recommendations for a comprehensive, preventative care plan. Jon performed his initial survey of the house and then began working the exterior. He explained the system he was putting in place, how it will be maintained and wrapped up with an interior spray. Before he was finished we went through the paperwork and left me his card and cell number. Jon left the same we he entered, with a smile, handshake and thanking me for my business. Jon treated this a professional, business transaction.

I didn't spend a dime with the plumber and I couldn't be more disappointed with the service. When all is said and done I spent about $500 with you this morning and will continue to spend money with you every month...I couldn't be happier. It's nice to do business with people that "get it". You can walk out of your front door and throw a rock in any direction, I'm sure you'll hit a handful of pest control companies. I'm positive that none have the products, services, or people in place that make you successful. Please pass on my gratitude to Andrea, Jon and the rest of your staff. I'm proud to be a client of A-Active and will recommend your services to everyone I come across. I look forward to being "123 bug free". All the best...

Danny Kline
6465 College Park Sq Suite 200 Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Dear Kevin,

As long-standing A-Active customers, my wife, Joan and I have been extremely pleased with the outstanding services we have consistently received from your company.

Over the years, we have come to realize that we can trust A-Active more than any other business in your area. You have earned this reputation with us because there is an atmosphere of integrity and commitment to dedicated service that pervades your organization. We believe your exemplary leadership, insistence on high standards, and above all, genuine honesty, has brought this about. Simply stated, A-Active has earned our complete trust.

Of the many services A-Active has provided us, the Sentricon (termite) Colony Elimination System has been the most gratifying. We were somewhat apprehensive about this program at first because of its relatively high cost, but when we saw the results we realized that the cost was justified. It became obvious that there is a world of difference between termite colony control and termite colony elimination. With Sentricon you get colony elimination, as advertised. I am aware of no other termite treatment program that can make that claim. The significance of this bears repeating: Other treatment programs control termites; Sentricon eliminates them. We have been beneficiaries of Sentricon colony elimination at three local properties in our family. Therefore, we can personally attest that the peace of mind that comes from knowing your termite problems are behind you are worth a lot, and for us, it justifies the cost of the colony elimination program. When the outstanding service of A-Active is combined with the proven success of the Sentricon System, the result is a winning combination that we highly recommend. To that end, I will be glad to discuss in detail my Sentricon experience with any of your potential customers; consider it a standing offer.

I would like to end with a personal note: Above and beyond our many professional dealings and discussions with you and your employees over the years, there have been a number of instances where mutually enjoyable and revealing personal conversations have taken place both with you and with (in our opinion) your finest employee, Larry Williams. As a result, we have come to know both of you fairly well personally, and hold you in the highest regard.

Best wishes for continued success as A-Active continues to grow and offer expanded services. You have all the ingredients to succeed; go for it.


Stephen R. Peake